Portrait of Joe Renice, Uber driver.

San Francisco Shelter-in-Place

Uber driver Joe Renice, is one of the many gig workers affected by the current health crisis. He only gets a few rides a day, trying to protect himself with masks and gloves. Now he supplements his income by making deliveries. Guido Mingels interviewed him for a story in Der Spiegel (paywall and it’s in German!). The almost empty streets of downtown San Francisco were captured on a usual busy Wednesday afternoon. Here are some outtakes.

The almost empty Financial District of San Francisco during the Corona virus.

Uber driver in San Francisco during Corona virus.

Skater in San Francisco's deserted streets during shelter-in-place.

Joe Renice, Uber driver in San Francisco.

Almost empy streets of San Francisco during the Corona virus.

Man overlooking the San Francisco Bay during the shelter in place order.